Dentures & Partials

Removable Prosthetics

Dentures are used to restore esthetics and function for people who no longer have teeth. They can be used in conjunction with dental implants to improve their function and comfort. Dentures are often placed immediately following extractions so patients never have to go with the embarrassment of missing teeth – these are called immediate dentures. Immediate dentures are essentially a regular denture which is delivered at the time of extractions. These dentures will require several soft relines followed by a hard reline 6 months after extractions. This allows the denture to adapt to the gum tissues as they heal for optimum fit and comfort.

Partial dentures are used as means of restoring esthetics and function to people missing some but not all of their teeth. It is a great option for patients who are either not a candidate for dental implants or would like a more cost effective means of restoring their smile. Dr. Flanigan uses several different partials including metal-based and metal free partials (valplast). Valplast partials provide excellent esthetics and can be used with a metal frame (inside the valplast – not visible to the patient) on the lower arch for great stability and esthetics.